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Faster faucet handling

CryptRoller is dedicated to help you click through faucets faster so you can earn more cryptos than with other faucet rotators.

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All the intel you need

  • Customize and keep track of timers
  • Keep your favorite faucets close
  • Filter out faucets that aren't rewarding

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Highly customizable

CryptRoller offers you all kinds of options to customize the list of faucets.

  • Hide faucets you don't like
  • Adjust your timers as you like
  • Auto-open faucet on top
  • Have your favorites on top
  • Sort by time or alphabet

Free money!

CryptRoller also has it's own faucets, so you can claim free bitcons, free litecoins and free dogecoins.
If you are new to cryptocurrencies and faucets these articles may come in handy to give you a kickstart: Guide to the faucet jungle.

If you want to give our faucets a try, just click on the logo of the currency you like:

Constantly improving

We want to build the ultimate faucet rotator, the one we will be using ourselves, so CryptRollers functionality will be updated often.

Some of the improvements we are experimenting with are:

  • Pre-load the next faucet, so you don't have to wait on slow servers (check the settings page).
  • Smart mode, where we do the math on most rewarding settings for you. Check the faq: smart mode

Why all the ads?

Use of CryptRoller is free.
You can imagine that it takes a lot of time to develop and maintain the website.

We try to raise an income with the ads on the website, donations and of course the referral income on the faucets.

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