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Last updated on: 15th Nov 2020
About Passion
image attribution: Ian Schneider
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This just means that if you click on that link and purchase an item, we will get a commission at no extra cost to you.
Basically, to you the links and experience will be the same, but we may be enabled to keep fed while working on this website.

Helping You to Earn some Extra

Well, that’s it. This is the TLDR, you read the about page, this is what CryptRoller is about.
I want to help you earn some extra income, in cryptocurrencies of course, by describing as many ways as possible, to get them.

It is my passion to learn and understand things that are new or unknown to me.

As I am a developer and a bit of a nerd, I also like tech and coding.
All things combined led me to create websites sharing my experiences while learning and discovering.

A Little Bit of History

Back in 2016, I started CryptRoller as a means to help others, but initially myself, to learn more about cryptocurrencies.
I was relatively new in the whole crypto, bitcoin, blockchain jungle, and wanted to find out more.

Starting a website and explain what I’ve learned to others seemed like a good idea, and I still do.

I knew so little about cryptocurrencies that I even imagined that the ‘O’ in crypto could easily be omitted. This explains the name CryptRoller, as I didn’t like the sound of Crypt-o-Roller.

One of the things I discovered quite early was a bitcoin faucet and it fascinated me. Why would anybody try this? How did the owners make money from it? How long did you have to claim before you got any decent amount?

(If you don’t know what faucets are, I have an explanation here: Earn Free Bitcoins With Faucets)

To understand them better, and hoping to earn some extra bitcoin, I turned CryptRoller into a faucet and started to give away bitcoin, litecoin, dash, and dogecoin.

Initially, the income I generated with ads was enough to keep them alive. But as they grew more popular I had to deal with bots and people trying to drain them dry. I gave up on it as I didn’t want to spend my time learning all about faucet security. I learned what I wanted to learn.

Earning a Side Income

As the years went by, leaving this website as an empty online ghost town, the idea of making money online kept living in the back of my head.

A few weeks ago, after seeing some blogs about side incomes, I felt the same urge to create a website again. I wanted to share what I learned about ways of making an extra income stream.

I started a blog, thesidegiglonglist.com, where I collect everything I  find about side jobs. And I share my experience with the things I tried myself.

It had nothing to do with cryptocurrencies, however.

Earning extra cryptos

And then I remembered CryptRoller…

As cryptocurrencies are getting more common every day, and by nature hold some value, there should be more ways to earn them online right?
Well, let’s find out!

CryptRoller is about finding and sharing ways to make extra cryptocurrencies online and sharing what my experience is with the things I tried myself.

I hope that I can surprise you with at least one or two you didn’t know and that it, hopefully, will help you get a lead to something that fits you.

Thank you for reading this, you are awesome!