Earn Free Bitcoins With Faucets

Last updated on: 09th Nov 2020
image attribution: André François McKenzie
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One of the oldest ways to earn free Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies is by using faucets.
Now let me explain what faucets are first, before sharing some of the best ones with you. Even although the working of most faucets is quite simple, understanding them will save you from some disappointment later on.

What are faucets then?

Faucets are websites that give away tiny amounts of cryptocurrencies for free.
It may seem a bit weird, or unlikely, that people give away money to strangers, but it is true. As a matter of fact, I had some faucets on this website some years ago, so I speak from experience.

So why give away money then? Am I a philanthropist? Am I rich? Am I mad?
No, on the contrary: faucets make money. It is as simple as that.

Faucet owners make money from advertisements on their websites. A part of that income goes back into the faucet and is made available to their visitors.

Some handy information before you start

Be prepared for some pages that are insanely loaded with ads. You will see banners, popups, text ads, and more.
Blocking these ads will stop the ability to claim from that website, but feel free to try. Remember though: no income for the faucet, no income for you.

Another smart move is to get a separate email address for registering as you will receive spam. There are a lot of free email providers. Pick one you like, as long as you can access it (and remember it). Make sure to enable password recovery if available.

And finally: get yourself a virus scanner (even a free one like Avast) to give you the first line of defense against malicious websites, ads, or downloads.

Three important faucet components:

The address (of your crypto wallet)

This is the address your coins will be sent to.
Some sites will create a micro wallet for you. Bonus Bitcoin and MoonBitcoin are examples of websites that create a micro wallet with Coinpot.
Other faucets may have different solutions.

Most of the time you will need to reach the minimum threshold before you can request a payment to the wallet you own.
As these transactions cost fees, this will be deducted from it.

The captcha (to prevent bots from gaining cryptocurrencies)

Faucet owners are fighting bots continuously.
If clicking on a button was all it took to get cryptos, then everybody would be using (bot)scripts to automate the process, thus leaving the website worthless for advertisers and us humans.

Captcha’s are little puzzles that are hard to solve by bots, but easy for humans.
You probably have seen Google’s Recaptcha somewhere. It asks you to select all the busses, bikes, traffic lights etcetera in a set of 9.
Another captcha may look like: “how much is 5 + eighteen” of let you type a hard to read code.

Other ways to prevent bots from stealing ‘your’ rewards may include mandatory registration / creating an account or asking you to complete a specific click-sequence.

The action (‘click here to get your reward’)

Finally, there should be a button or a link to click to collect your reward.

It is likely that there is a timer that will disable the action for a certain period (so you won’t click it like a madman).

How much can you earn with faucets?

As there are a lot of faucets, with different methods, and different rewards, this is very hard to say.
What you need to know is that you need to put some effort into it.

Let’s use FreeBitcoin as an example. There are a lot of options there to increase your reward or win more, but let us take the basic reward as an example.
A click will reward you with 0.00000013 BTC (at this moment).

Impressed? Well, I didn’t think so, but what did you expect?
It will take you about 5 seconds of work (presuming that you keep the website open in a browser tab).

Then why are people doing this?

There are a couple of reasons, but I believe that the most common reason to use faucets is that it is an easy gateway to your first crypto’s.
If you want to start collecting or trading crypto’s and you don’t have the spare money to invest in them, earning them is the next best thing.

Also, faucets don’t require special skills. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you are good to go.

Another reason is expecting cryptocurrencies to gain value. Back in 2016 when I started a faucet, the value of BTC was around $1000. Imagine what the current value is of the crypto’s people clicked together back then?

Earn Free Bitcoins With These Faucets