Last updated on: 12th Nov 2020
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FreeBitcoin is a faucet that combines giving free bitcoin away with (gambling) games.

They have free and paid lotteries and you can deposit extra bitcoins if you like to play more than the free games.

Their rewards point system can be used to get a higher reward or you can redeem it for gifts.

Sign up process

The signup process is simple.
You register here by entering your email address and a preferred password.
You can leave ‘Your Referrer’ blank, or use my code (39300982) if you grant me that.

Referrers will get a commission. In fact, this is another way to earn with faucets. This commission will not cost you anything. Your reward remains the same.

After clicking the Sign-Up button you will have to confirm your email address in order to activate your account.

Getting your free Bitcoin

After the registration process is complete, you can sign in to your account.

At the bottom of the landing page (or click on ‘Free BTC’ in the menu) you will find a table with the current height of the reward.
FreeBitcoin uses a random number to determine how much you will be rewarded.

The reward (at the moment) varies between 0.00000012 BTC (12 satoshi) and 0.01313386 BTC (1,313,386 satoshi).
Needless to say that the chance to gain a higher reward is smaller than the chance you will get the minimum.

You will also receive reward points (RP) and free lottery tickets.
Both can be redeemed for bitcoin and RP can be traded for gifts and gift cards.

You can get free BTC once per hour. A timer is shown to indicate how long you will have to wait before claiming the next reward.

Increase your profits

Meanwhile, you can gamble with your freshly earned fortune by playing the Hi-Lo multiplier game. This gives you the possibility to turn your claimed rewards into a big win, but (!) you also have the chance to lose it again.

Games on FreeBitcoin are provably fair. I won’t go into this, but it guarantees that you will not be cheated. Prove is delivered on their website.

Referrer Bonus

As said before, another way to earn from a faucet is to refer people to it.
FreeBitcoin will grant you a 50% commission on the base prize, a 0.40% on a wager/bet, and 25% on the interest of the person you referred to them.

So it might be lucrative to refer friends or readers of your blog.

Let me know how you like FreeBitcoin!

Website: FreeBitcoin
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