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Last updated on: 12th Nov 2020
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SurveyTime has taken the whole experience of taking surveys and getting paid to the next level. They are also one of the better-paying platforms.

Let’s start with the registration process. On their homepage, you will find a ‘Sign Up’ section which will let you sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Google, or your email address.

After you pick one, you will have to fill out a questionnaire so they can find the best matching surveys for you. These questions are like the common profile questions: what is your gender, what is your date of birth, etcetera.

One of the questions is about your preferred method of receiving the payments. You can choose Paypal, Coinbase or you could select the ‘I’ll choose later’ option.
For getting paid in bitcoin, choose Coinbase.
Coinbase is an online cryptocurrency wallet. It is very easy to set up a wallet with them.

Don’t forget to set the notification options to make sure that you are notified when there are new surveys available.

Surveys from SurveyTime will take somewhere around 10 minutes to complete. Their interface is very user friendly and will help you complete it without much effort.

As with most survey sites, the number of surveys you can participate in varies depending on different factors, including demography.

Getting Paid

Again, they have made this incredibly easy and fast. As soon as you complete a survey, you will get paid. No minimum payment threshold, no complex payment request process.


I tried it

And to be honest, I like them best sofar.

I haven’t received a lot of surveys, but due to the user experience and the direct payment, I would recommend them.

Website: Survey Time
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