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Last updated on: 12th Nov 2020
Paid Surveys
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It may come as a surprise, but companies are willing to pay for your opinion about certain topics or products. Having this valuable insight into customer preferences and their behavior can give them a competitive edge over other companies.
Nowadays some even pay in cryptocurrencies.

Survey platforms connect those companies with customer (or consumer) panels in which you can participate. Depending on the type of survey, this participation may earn you some extra bucks, or in this case, Bitcoin.

Why Surveys are Popular

You get rewarded for investing a little bit of time to answer surveys or join focus groups.

Although it won’t replace your daytime job, it is an easy and fun way to make a side income.
Best of all: you can do it whenever and wherever you want!

This is one of the main reasons why so many people are participating in surveys. They fit into those lost moments like waiting in line or traveling by public transport.

As most surveys don’t take a lot of brainpower, you can even complete some while watching your favorite show.

Tasks to perform

A typical survey platform will ask you to complete your profile first.

Like most of the remote, online gigs, you can sign up on the website by providing an email address. Payments are often done by PayPal, but some sites even provide a way to get paid by gift cards that you can use at Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, or other companies.

Below you will find a list of some of the best survey sites you can join. Enjoy and have a nice hustle!

  • Timebucks
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  • Survey Time
    SurveyTime has taken the whole experience of taking surveys and getting paid to the next level. They are also one of the better-paying platforms. Let's start with the registration process.…
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