Last updated on: 12th Nov 2020
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Timebucks is a popular survey and microtask platform that also pays in cryptocurrencies. Next to the surveys, you can get paid to watch ads, play games, click links, solve captcha’s, and much more.

None of these tasks requires additional skills and they are very easy to perform without any prior knowledge, but just in case, there are instructions available.


There is a long list of surveys available, from a lot of providers. Timebucks helps you selecting the best surveys with their dashboard.

When you start taking paid surveys you may get a little annoyed when you answer two or three questions and get a reply that you do not fit the requested target group. Since there are so many surveys at Timebucks it will be easy to find the next one to overcome the rejection.

You can also find surveys in the ‘Offerwalls’ section, but it is less organized there.


The same ‘Offerwalls’ section has a lot of links available to games you can play to get a reward

Often you are required to download the game (most of them are mobile games) through a link that you can type or get it delivered by email.

Don’t worry if you are not a hard-core gamer. Most of them are very easy to play and understand. Think of games like CandyCrush, Wordfeut, Tetris, etcetera.

Typically, you will have to reach a certain level to get a reward.
I am trying some of them at the moment but in all honesty, this is not my cup of tea.


I am sure that you know what a captcha is, but for those out there that have never seen one, I’ll explain it briefly.

Captcha’s are little puzzles that are very easy to solve by humans, but computers (artificial intelligence) have a hard time with it.
Typical modern-day captchas will present you with 9 pictures and let you select all images with a car, boat, palm tree, etcetera in it.

At Timebucks you can get paid to solve captchas. You can find them in the ‘Content’ section under ‘Captchas’. It won’t pay much, but it will not take a lot of effort either.

Other microtasks are: viewing pages or watching slideshows, watch and/or click ads, posting to Tik Tok, and even performing searches through Timebucks will earn you some satoshis/cents.

Getting Paid

You have several options to get paid and they are available under the ‘Settings > Payment Method’ tab.
Next to our preferred method of getting the earnings paid to a bitcoin wallet, it is also possible to use Skrill, Payeer, Bank Transfer, Cards, and more.

Signing Up

On their homepage, you can register with your email address and preferred password. Just follow the instructions from there.

Website: Timebucks
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